The Do’s and Dont’s of Summer Color


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new look, and highlights are the most popular salon service for anyone looking to add a splash of color in spring and summer. Artful applications by your colorist can emphasize bone structure, make hair appear more reflective in the sun, and add dimensional shine. Go wrong, however, and your head can turn into a stripy mess. To avoid the thick, chunky highlights of the early 2000s –– remember the heavy lines on Kelly Clarkson’s head –– and, instead, enhance your natural, radiant beauty, click through to style notes for our professional highlighting tips. — Michelle Rotbart

Do ask your colorist to frame your face. The brightest and thickest painting should be closest to the to cheekbone and chin, lips and eyes, thinning out as they move around the head. Hair should be darker at the root and lighter at the tips ––like a subtle ombre.

Do request your colorist varies size and saturation of highlights, otherwise hair will look flat and artless. Highlights should enhance your base color, not overwhelm it.

Don’t add in too many colors. Strands should be tonal; too much variation looks contrived and unnatural. More than three shades is too much; you don’t want to look like a rainbow.

Do protect your investment and appreciate the time your talented colorist put in to your hair. Take care of highlights by using Color Protect shampoo and conditioner.

Do deep condition hair once a week with our Awaphui Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment. Any color process can leave hair dry so make sure to add moisture back in.

Do wear a hat or scarf when you’re in the sun. Not only will it prevent you from heat stroke, but also it will keep the suns powerful rays from fading your new color.

Don’t do it yourself. Professionals make color formulas tailored to your unique hair color, and have the technical and creative skills to apply color in the best places to accent your style. At-home color is a one-size fits all formula, and you’ll never be able to apply as accurately as the professionals do.