“Should I Go For a Shorter Style?”


We all go through those phases of wanting to chop all of our hair off, but usually regret the decision shortly after. Ever thought why we do this? Hair can be a big security blanket for us women. If you’re not getting the right cut to suit your styling habits, or a cut that makes you feel like you did when your hair was long, you tend to be unhappy, even though you look amazing. We’re here to show you a few different styles and lengths to keep you looking gorgeous and feeling confident!

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”
Song of Solomon 4:7

Let’s start with the CLASSIC BOB:


The classic bob is great for curly, wavy, or straight hair. They can be styled up, or for those ladies who are a little more lax, kept natural. Classic bobs are great for showing off your neckline with a great statement necklace, or look cute with a stylish headband.

Asymmectrical Cut:



As you can see here, this cut is going to be a little more on the “edgy” side. This cut would require a bit more styling, and upkeep. You will notice your shorter side needing a cut sooner than you would with longer hair. You can go extreme with the length difference, or keep them more towards the classic style. This cut allows for all types of creativity. Color variations are endless and fun for this style, and also look great with wavy or straighter hair. Some women do this style with the “undercut” which is a shaved side and a longer side. A great ear cuff will look awesome with this cut, and it can also show off  your beautiful facial features.

The Pixie:

The Pixie can be super cute! You can have a little longer on top, or go all one length. Texture, texture, texture with this cut. Pixies always look best with some style to the top, but are also pretty low maintenance as far as styling goes. Cuts this short will definitely have you at the salon every 3-6 weeks with cut upkeep, but will show off that beautiful jawbone and your wonderful eyes.

Stacked Bob:

“Stacked” refers to the layering in the back of this cut. This also can go by the name “angled bob”. You can go subtle, or extreme. The more you “stack” the more styling is recommended. Balayage, highlights, all over color ; all of these choices are great for this cut. The styling can be easy and quick when you learn the techniques. This cut is typically above the shoulders, yet long enough to get a curling tool into. Texture is also great with this cut, but with longer styles sleek and straight will be magnificent too. Volume can be your best friend with this style. Even with finer hair, some layers and a round brush will give you fullness you didn’t know you could have.

The “Lob”:



The Long Bob or “LOB” is going to be your most low maintenance style. This cut is great for those ladies who are wanting something different, but aren’t quite sure about parting ways with their long locks. This cut sits on or right above the shoulders and collar bone, and grows out elegantly. All hair types, all the color options you can think of…this style is for you. Use a big barrel curling iron, or a flat iron, you won’t hate your endless options of looking amazing.


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