Fall Hair Trends 2013


It’s that time again, time to pull out the boots, sweaters, hot chocolate, and of course a fresh new look for fall!! Here are some of the top trending hair colors and styles for this season:

Style 1: Braids – For those blustery days. You can’t have your hair all over the place! A braid is the perfect way to pull it back without lacking some style!

Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Waterfall braids and fishtail half-up braids are the perfect go-to. Here are some tutorials http://pinterest.com/darelavita/blog-posts/


Style 2: Red Browns and Violet Browns – These colors are highly customizable for skin tones and level of vibrance. This is really a good choice if you’re wanting to do something a little edgy while staying the beautiful brunette you are, or even wanting to become one!

Red Browns:

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Violet Browns:

Winter 2013 Hair Trends


Style 3: Balayage – This is the perfect way to keep a soft natural highlight look without looking too “summery”, especially if you are keeping it a warm caramel color.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Style 4:¬† Low Lights – This one’s for you blondes! This is a great way to feel less bright from summer, and stay warm for fall. Honey colors and dark blondes/light browns are good choices without going all over dark.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends


Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Style 5: Copper – this style is going to look best for fall on more pale skin tones and lighter hair, it is more of a soft look.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Style 6: Textured Bob – We all know the feeling of all that static in our luscious locks, not good. You could fight with the dryer sheets and hair sprays, or you could take on a new look this season. This style looks good shoulder to chin length; curly, straight, wavy; and good with any of our fall color choices.

Fall 2013 Haircuts


We hope we’ve inspired you to try something new and adventurous this season, while still looking great!!


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