DIY : Beach Waves


Spring Break and Summer are just right around the corner! We’re here to show you how to achieve that perfect just out of the ocean hair.

*All tools and products used for this look are Paul Mitchell brand*

Products you will need:

We used Paul Mitchell’s Fast Form, Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, & Spray Wax

Tools you will need:

We used Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Dry blow dryer, the Neuro Unclipped 1.25″ Cone, the XL Round Brush, and a clip.


1. First you want to start with wet hair.

Apply your fast form. This product reduces drying time and creates great detail. It also helps with frizz. Start with a dime size on the ends of your hair.

Don’t dry it perfectly straight. This is more of a messy look.

2. While its still a little damp spray on the Texturizing Sea Spray. This product helps give you the beachy look. It boosts volume while still allowing movement.

I like to flip my hair upside down and give it a good amount of spray.

Gently dry the rest of your hair.

3.Now is when the Neuro Cone comes in.

The Neuro Cone is great and gives you heat settings. It heats up fast, and allows you to style in a timely manner. It is made of titanium, and has a smart chip that keeps the heat even throughout all of your styling.

(Helpful Hint: Hair melts at 415 degrees, so always have your styling tools on a safe setting)

Section your hair, start at the bottom, working your way up.

Take medium sized sections of hair, about the size and width of a ribbon. You’ll want to wrap the section closest to your head around the largest part of the styling cone. For the best results wrap hair away from your face.

For more variation, as you work your way up alternate with medium and small sections.

Continue doing this all the way to the top of your head.

4. Finishing Touches


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